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Tussar Silk Sarees

Pattachitra Sarees

Kotpad Cotton Sarees

Ikat Kurta

Handpainted Kurta

Pittala Suta Saree

A true initiative to sustain our historic cultural ideologies that has shaped the way we dress in these modern times.

About Us

Hand Woven Luxuries...

The process of hand weaving a fabric on traditional looms is rather a slow one as compared to those of a machine looms but the end products thus created on a handloom are far more superior in every aspect to that of a machine-loom. The final designs thus produced from the creative process of hand weaving intricately complicated motifs and patterns on to the fabrics can never be replicated by a machine loom. Thus every design is unique in itself.

tussar silk sarees

Handcrafted Artistry...

Acknowledging traditional art and crafts, these inspirational creations are handcrafted using traditional techniques from the Art of Pattachitra by master craftsmen from quaint villages of Odisha. These Sarees are a perfect amalgamation of Historic PattaChitra and the Heritage Craft of Handlooms. Introducing our unique collection of Hand Loomed, Hand Painted Pattachitra Sarees and Kurtas. Intricately woven, traditionally crafted, these Saree are truly an original piece of art that you can drape.

Pattachitra sarees

Poetry of the Loom

IKAT weaving process is an exquisite artistry conducted on a handloom as weavers dedicatedly thread dyed yarns through the fabric. A tedious process that demands master craftsmanship.

A perfect amalgamation of creativity and physical efforts.


Kurtas for men

Customize your Masterpiece

Your choice of Fabric, Your choice of Art, Your choice of Attire

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Hello Human,

This is to inform you that there definitely will be a future for you or hopefully for your next few
generations as well but only a colorless one. If you don't retain the colors now, you may lose it forever.

Let every piece of clothing you wear be a gentle reminder of the planet you survive on, our Mother Earth and this beautiful life you experience on it. Let's preserve Her and our life on it.

Buy Consciously

Did You Know?

IKAT patterns, in India, dates back to 7th Century. Approx 1400 yrs ago. 

If you were living back then, you would have preferred a single uncut length of a fabric for all your styling.