|| A Conscious Individual or An Unconscious Mass ||

In these modern times , almost every soul on this land  is unconsciously inclined towards a way of life which never defined us in the past, which was only introduced to us after foreign invasions.Just like a herds of mountain sheep walking the same path as the first few, whether it leads to a pit or a peak, they just don't care. Even being the most intelligent species on this planet we are behaving the same way, following an unconscious mass.

We must look over man's present perspective towards the future of our own traditions, of our own culture and of every individual on this divine land. And to make happen the future that we dream of, we must look into our past, into the path we have taken and see if there is any need of alterations to be done to our present for a proud future.

There are three most important aspect that defines our traditions and our culture. First is the way we live, our lifestyle in general. Second, the way we eat, our diet in general. Third, the way we dress ourselves, in other words, how we present ourselves or our outlook in general.

Out of these three important aspects, why not start defining ourselves, our own traditions and our own cultural ideologies more elaborately with the most basic of all aspects, our clothing.

When everybody around us seems like they have been manufactured out of the same unit. An Indian Kurta is definitely a living outfit with flesh of pure fabrics and life flowing through every thread, every stitch and every fold that makes us stand tall and apart from the rest.  Always the choice has been in our own hands. It is us who decide whether to follow an Unconscious Mass or be the Conscious Individual.




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