|| Treat Your Present Like You Want to be Treated in the Future ||

By looking at the current state of our planet one can easily tell that every time we go beyond the threshold of resource utilization, disrupting the natural ways of life, it is never the planet that comes at risk and needs the saving but rather it is us.  No doubt the intelligence of the human mind will save us from every deadly disaster but can it ever save us from our own stupidity. The present that we are experiencing is only the effects of our past. Let’s face it now and make sure not to repeat our past mistakes.

||  Our present is only the consequences of our past and the future depends on how we treat our present  ||

The things we eat, the things we wear, the way we lead our day to day life in general has a much larger impact on our own future. Since every time we consume something we hardly care to inquire about the process it goes through its creation. Consider a regular t shirt for that matter, when we come across a cool printed t-shirt online with a price tag of Rs.300 only, we can hardly resist the temptation to click that blinking BUY button. Well, you may pay a small amount to buy that t-shirt, but the true cost of that single piece of t-shirt is a lot more than we can fathom which is actually borne by people who are desperate to make a few bucks so to make ends meet due to which these workers are drastically exploited and ultimately the price is paid by our dear planet and the all forms of life on it, including us, humans.

Therefore it is our own responsibility to make sure that every purchase we make should actually help someone not only financially but also socially and not take the pleasantness of their life in return for a few bucks.

We may not perceive the complexity of life on this planet to its full extent, but it is true to the core that every one of us is weaved to a single fabric of life. If someone somewhere is affected somehow, then we all have to bear the pain equally.


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