Krishna Saga | Handloomed Cotton Pattachitra Saree | Grey

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The Divine Music,
This beautiful Pattachitra painting depicts a scene from the Puranas. This was a time when upon Krishna’s proposal to worship Mount Govardhan which was a direct supporter of livelihood to the Vraja cowherd community instead of Indra, the village Elders happily accepted Krishna’s proposal.

When Indra, the great storm-god of the heavens, sees that the Vraja villagers are irreverently neglecting his worship, instead dedicating all ingredients and rituals to a nearby mountain, in retaliation he started stealing away all the cows from the village.
Upon noticing Indra’s misdeed and to teach him a lesson, Kishna, by playing his divine Flute, manifested all stolen cows back to where they belonged, fulfilling his vow to protect his loved ones.

Handcrafted using the traditional technique of the Art of Pattachitra by master craftsmen from the quaint villages of Odisha.
This saree is a perfect amalgamation of Historic PattaChitra and the Heritage Craft of Handlooms.

Introducing our unique collection of Hand Loomed, Hand Painted Pattachitra Sarees for Women. Intricately woven, traditionally crafted, these Saree are truly an original piece of art that you can drape.