Hasta | Gaja Udhara | hand-painted masterpiece for men | pattachitra kurta | deep black

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'Gaja Udhara' literally means 'saving the elephant'. This is an episode from the Bhagavad Purana where the 'Gaja' (elephant) who was once King Indradyumna before turning into an elephant from the curse of Agastya Muni has now been gripped by the jaws of a crocodile while bathing. In the jaws of death Gaja prays his saviour Lord Vishnu with a lotus flower as an offering for his life. Lord Vishnu then releases his Sudarsana chakra to kill the crocodile and save the elephant.

Indeed a Kurta to behold, a handcrafted masterpiece for special occasions. This kurta features a classic neckline and buttons made up of coconut shell.

Material- Handwoven Cotton

Care- Dry clean only