Makhan chor | handcrafted pattachitra cotton saree | golden brown

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One of the famous and most enjoyable leelas of Shri Krishna is the makhan chori leela (the leela of stealing butter) in his childhood and this saree beautifully portraits that leela.
The pallu is an intricate Pattachitra painting of boy Krishna being caught after stealing butter, schooled by his mother Maa Yashodha surrounded by Gopis.
The saree features a classic Odisha Bandha design border. The body is ornamented with motifs of butter pots and peacock feathers.
The saree comes with a blouse piece with a small pattachitra painting on the back and sides of both arms.

Intricately woven, traditionally crafted, these Sarees are truly an original piece of art that you can drape.
Handcrafted using the traditional techniques from the Art of Pattachitra by master craftsmen from the quaint villages of Odisha. These sarees are a perfect amalgamation of Historic PattaChitra and the Heritage Craft of Handlooms. The pallu of these beautiful sarees adorns itself with beautiful Pattachitra paintings representing the Art, Craft and Culture.