Padmini | handwoven jala tussar silk saree | aquatic blue

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This Jala Tussar Silk Saree is a beautiful 6 yard of flowing river with blooming lotuses as its primary motif surrounded by the motifs of 'matsya' (fish) along with other aquatic life covering the whole of pallu representing the surface of the river, a 'Jala' work which involves a complex process of setting up the design on to the loom even before the weaving starts. The use of colour blue with the mirroring 'matsya' motifs that spreads evenly across the whole body of this saree visually represents the infinite depth of the river crafted using the traditional 'phoda kumbha' (pierce) technique.  When draped, indeed this saree will make you feel like a blooming 'Padma' (Lotus) adorned with aquatic lives all around.

Handspun and Handwoven out of natural tussar silks, this Saree is indeed rooted to our ancient traditions in every way.

Blouse piece included

Wash Care : Dry Clean only