Raja Mauja | handcrafted pattachitra khadi silk saree | golden yellow

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This Silk Masterpiece is a celebration of Raja Sankranti, a celebration beyond taboo. After the scorching heat of summer in the month of April and May, with the welcoming symphony of monsoon's arrival, with gentle breeze and the soothing drops of rain now and then, Mother Earth goes through a three day long menstrual cycle before marking the beginning of a new agricultural season.
These three day are celebrated as the festival of Raja across the state of Odisha. Truly a celebration of Womanhood, a three day long ritual that acknowledges the significance of the menstrual cycle among women and the power of regeneration.

Intricately woven, traditionally crafted, these sarees are truly an original piece of art that you can drape.
Handcrafted using the traditional techniques from the Art of Pattachitra by master craftsmen from the quaint villages of Odisha. These sarees are a perfect amalgamation of Historic PattaChitra and the Heritage Craft of Handlooms. The pallu of these beautiful sarees adorns itself with beautiful Pattachitra paintings representing the Art, Craft and Culture.

Blouse piece with a beautiful motif on the back included.

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