Vichitrapalli | Double ikat | handloom cotton kurta for men | red n black

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Vichitrapalli is a derivative design from the passapalli ikat weaving which came from the word 'Pasa' which means the board game, a game that originated in medieval India and which has also been described as the 'National game of India'.
But to Indians this word has a much more significance than just its literal meaning. A game that gave us an Epic to hold on to, since the game of Pasa has played the most important role in shaping The Mahabharata as we know it today. 

This Kurta features motifs formed with four clear squares running the length beautifully representing the game. These motifs are intricately hand-woven onto the fabric before it is cut and sewed into this classic garment.

Motifs- Pasa & Rudraksha beads 
Material- 100% Cotton
Weave- Hand Loomed Pasapalli Ikat
Buttons- Coconut shells